Presentacion del proyecto: 

In 2008 Unitecnic developed the project to launch Gol Televisión, a FullHD sports channel with a file-based workflow. This was the first tapeless HD installation in Europe, and it remained the largest project of its kind for over two years. The installation also included a Nodal Centre for national and international distribution of the entire Spanish League (LFP) and other sports events. In 2015 the channel was closed, and Unitecnic implemented the adaptation and modernization of the facilities to launch beIN Sports, the new sports channel in Spain for digital platforms.

Solución desarrollada por Unitecnic: 

In Mediapro’s building in the 22 @ district of Barcelona the necessary infrastructures have been installed to supply it with an MCR, signals traffic area, live production and post-production areas, digital newsroom, MAM, and playout area.

Sirius router in the Technical Room:

The building’s technical room has 81 racks. The following were installed for the shared use of the different departments and clients:

  • A HD-SDI 512 x 512  ProBel Sirius router controlled by an Aurora
  • An RTS Adam Intercom system with 240 ports, along with 10 RDSI lines and their RTS ISDN 2005 codecs.
  • A monitoring system made of 3 Evertz 300MVP interconnected frames, totaling 256 inputs and 12 outputs. These 12 outputs feed the LED screens at MCR, Traffic, Transmissions, playout area and Studio Control room.
  • Lawo Nova73 audio router with modular frames containing a total of 48 analogue inputs and outputs (16 of which are micro inputs), 64 AES inputs and outputs, and 22 embedding and de-embedding cards, with 8 audios each. The router is connected to the center’s 4 mixing desks via Madi. This gives the system great versatility, in an environment providing live commentary of up to 15 games taking place simultaneously in several different languages, some of them in 5.1.
  • A 64x16 KVM Avocent AMX5010 router, and a 32x8 AMX5000 router.
  • 19 Snell frames with cards for signal distribution, synchronization and conversion.
  • MCR is equipped with 15 Snell Quasar HD up converters, 17 Snell Alchemist Ph.C. TX down converters and 2 Snell Alchemist Ph.C. HD cross converters, all with motion-compensation, thus maintaining the highest quality of the converted material.

The Traffic department is where incoming and outgoing signals are managed, and from where the LFP national and international signals are delivered. It has been equipped with:

  • Thomson Vibe modular frames with 25 ASI FE cards, where IP video is received and is converted into ASI and the ASI signals are converted into IP for delivery. 
  • ProBel Sirius 128x128 router for ASI coded signals was installed too.
  • To carry out the SDI-ASI coding there are 8 HD encoders (5 NTT Electronics HVE9100 and 3 Kyrion CM4101) and 13 Thomson SD ViBE modular encoders.
  • For ASI-SDI decoding there are 15 Tandberg RX1290, 10 NTT Electronics HVD9100, 5 ATM DR8400 and 1 Thomson DEC ViBE module.
  • The rest of the system includes 5 DCM Cisco D9900, two (main and redundant)of which are used for transmitting and receiving signals from the Spanish football stadiums, another two (main and redundant) are used for transmitting and receiving signals from Madrid and the remaining system to provide service to beIN Sports suppliers.

EVS Tapeless solution:

This system is made up of an EVS platform working in DNxHD@120Mbps for ingest, logging, editing, slow motion replays, storage and playout.

  • There is a SAN XStore server with 70TB. 2 Media Servers manage its correct functioning.
  • There are 17 HD Cleanedit editing stations for the edition of contents.
  • 13 6-channel HD XT2 servers were installed.
  • There are 17 XTAccess for file feeding and transcoding. They enable content traffic between servers and SAN, the Avid system, playout storage and MAM. There are also 2 XFile with interchangeable 750 GB hard disks for mediaXchange.
  • The system processes are managed by 10 IPDirectors and the XNET network is managed by 3 7-port SDTI XHub2.
  • A further 26 IPDirectors for content management are distributed in the logging, transmissions (along with two LSM panels), studio control room, content validation and documentation departments and as players.
  • There are two fully redundant data bases for metadata.

Snell Kahuna in the Studio Control Room:

beIN Sports has a FullHD control room for making live programmes.

It is equipped with:

  • Snell modular frames.
  • Snell Kahuna 3 ME video mixer.
  • Yamaha DM2000VCM mixing desks (one for the Spanish version and the other one for the English one), connected to the center’s Lawo router through two MADI ports each, and with their audio booths for the commentators.
  • There are also EVS servers with a total 8 LSM panels to carry out highlights and replays.
  • IPDirectors integrated into the iNews system.
  • VizRT Engine graphic bay.
  • A camera control area with Tektronix monitoring.

The studio is equipped with:

  • 4 Grass Valley LDK8000 cameras.
  • A Panasonic AK-HC1800G robotic camera.
  • An Autoscript tele prompter system.
  • Canon lenses.
  • Vinten pedestals.
  • Wireless RTS/Telex intercom.
  • Shure wireless microphones.

The shows are made with the digital newsroom's Avid iNews system for preparing and executing the rundowns.

Snell for Playout:

The main upgrade that has been performed for the channel is the integration of beIN Sports with the playout multi-channel platform by Snell, recently installed in the centre for the F1 Latin America channel.

  • MORPHEUS, automation by Snell - The automation consists of a Core and Playout and Ingest controllers. Also a Media Management Core has been installed, and an Edit Workstation, the operation interface.
  • ICE Channel-in-a-box by Snell – This is a compact, multi-function solution that simplifies operation, installation and maintenance. Two units have been purchased, one main and the other one as a backup, with Audio Loudness and 3D Graphics options, and with Avid DNxHD codecs.
  • RT Software, 3D graphics – An HP Z820 Workstation has been installed for graphics, equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud and Cinema 4D Studio R16 software among others, besides RT software, Snell’s partner, fully compatible with ICE graphics engines, producing premium quality graphics.
  • Snell glue – Four modular frames have been installed, two in the main chain and two in the backup chain, for signal distribution and synchronization, and audio processing.
  • INFORTREND, repository – A NAS subsystem has been installed consisting on 2 96TB disk arrays.
  • Integration with TEDIAL, MCR’s MAM.
  • SGO BLACKBOX legal copy – Automated HDSDI recording, with 4TB capacity.

Avid Postproduction:

In 2015 an infrastructure for the Avid postproduction was installed, to be shared between different clients.

It is composed of:

  • ISIS 7500 frames with 128TB capacity. This storage’s filesystem is controlled by two AVID SYSTEM DIRECTOR servers.
  • MEDIA INDEXERS which point to the material exact location within the storage.
  • All content on the Avid system is in a framework managed by AVID INTERPLAY. Herein lies the database of all the contents of the system.
  • Transfer Manager for the import and export of material.
  • CENTRAL MEDIA SERVICES server, Avid's web editing tool.

The editing stations currently available are:

  • 11 Avid Media Composer Nitris DX.
  • Avid ProTools.

Lawo for the voice-over area:

The center is prepared for the simultaneous distribution of up to 15 games, some of them in several languages, in stereo or 5.1, and for this, 25 audio booths and 2 Lawo Zircon mixing desks were installed, the latter connected to the Lawo Nova73 router by means of 4 Madi ports with 64 channels each. The Zircon mixing desks are complemented by the Lawo VISTOOL software, which enables signal configuration, routing and monitoring in a quick and easy fashion.

Audio booths are equipped with Prospect CMU021 commentator’s consoles.

VizRT graphics:

The graphics department works with 15 Vizrt Engines. The control software is Viz Trio and Viz Artist, and for sports statistics, the chosen software is Wtvision SportStats CG.

iNews digital newsroom:

An iNews system has been installed, which allows the editing, inserting and placing of the accompanying text within the audiovisual material for each production, and for making the programme’s rundowns. It includes two iNews servers under the control of an iNews Console PC. The text for the Autoscript teleprompter can also be edited from here. The system includes 40 iNews clients.

Tedial Tarsys MAM:

Originally in 2008 a Quantum Scalar i2000 digital library was installed, working with 800GB LTO4 tapes, and managed by the Tedial Tarsys MAM.

Upon reaching the limit of its capacity it was decided to expand the system with a second Quantum Scalar i6000 library, with 2.5TB LTO6 tapes.

The system is completed with 8 AST running on SUSE Linux 10, and 8 HP DL380 G5 are used for transcoding.



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