Presentacion del proyecto: 

Unitecnic has been responsible for the launching of ELEVEN SPORTS NETWORK’s new channels in Belgium and Poland. They are integrated into the multi-channel platform in Mediapro’s headquarters in Barcelona, while the commentary and postproduction are carried out in the countries of origin through dedicated fiber optic connections.

Solución desarrollada por Unitecnic: 

The infrastructures for 4 channels have been installed, ELEVEN and ELEVEN SPORTS BELGIUM, plus ELEVEN and ELEVEN SPORTS POLAND. They benefit from the resources of the facilities in Barcelona: MCR, signals traffic area, EVS and AVID tapeless infrastructures, MAM, and Snell’s multi-channel playout platform. In the countries of origin commentary booths and Avid editing stations have been installed, in order to simplify the organization of human resources.


Commentary booths have been installed both in Brussels and Warsaw, equipped with GLENSOUND EXPRESS BOX consoles for two commentators.

  • Brussels: It has 8 booths (plus a backup), allowing up to four simultaneous live events, as they are all commented in French and Dutch.
  • Warsaw: It has 4 booths (plus a backup), allowing up to four simultaneous live events commented in Polish.

Sports events’ images and nat sound are sent form Barcelona, and their commentary is sent back to Barcelona, ​​where the final mix is performed and embedded into the original video signal.

For transporting audio signals NEREUS ONE is used, the IP audio solution by PRODYS.

For the final audio mix D*AP4 FLX and D*AP8 FLX by JÜNGER are used.

For communications an RVON RTS system has been installed, integrated with the RTS matrix in Barcelona.

AVID for editing:

2 MEDIA COMPOSER editing stations have been installed both in Brussels and in Warsaw.

In Brussels there are also 4 MEDIA CENTRAL clients, AVID’s web editing tool.

SNELL in the playouts:

The playouts follow the same structure as the rest of the facilities’ playouts.

  • MORPHEUS, automation by SNELL - The automation consists of a Core and Playout and Ingest controllers. Also a Media Management Core has been installed, and an Edit Workstation, the operation interface.
  • ICE CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX by SNELL – This is a compact, multi-function solution that simplifies operation, installation and maintenance. Two units have been purchased, one main and the other one as a backup, with Audio Loudness and 3D Graphics options, and with Avid DNxHD codecs.
  • RT SOFTWARE, 3D graphics – An HP Z820 Workstation has been installed for graphics, equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud and Cinema 4D Studio R16 software among others, besides RT software, Snell’s partner, fully compatible with ICE graphics engines, producing premium quality graphics.
  • STOREDATA, repository – A 96TB StoreData NAS subsystem has been installed.
  • VOLICON legal copy – Automated HDSDI recording.
  • Integration with TEDIAL, the facilities’ MAM. 



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