Presentacion del proyecto: 

Imagina US is the leading, fastest growing HD production centre in Miami. Currently it consists of two interconnected buildings in which content of multiple genres is produced, at the same time as 15 channels are being broadcast throughout the entire country. New broadcasters are showing interest in working in such a versatile and comfortable environment, with quick technical answers and optimal solutions for any need that may arise, supported by state-of-the-art technology.

Solución desarrollada por Unitecnic: 

This engineering project started in 2009 and it has been evolving through different phases to its actual shape. 

In 2015 the second building of the complex was completed, interconnected to the first through a bridge, across which 192 fibers were run:

  • 144 fibers for HD-SDI signals.
  • 44 fibers for Ethernet signals, which connect the technical and office IT switches in Imagina II with the Core at Imagina I.
  • 2 fibers to interconnect the intercom matrices.
  • 2 fibers for synchronism signals.

In total the two buildings have been provided with:

  • Racks room.
  • MCR and traffic area for receiving and transmitting signals.
  • 3 studios: 600, 400 and 150 m².
  • 5 production control rooms.
  • 20 playouts.
  • Video and audio postproduction area.
  • Digital newsroom.
  • 2 MAM with 2 libraries.
  • Ingest and formats changing areas.
  • Racks room.
  • 4 studios: 450, 400, 220 and 380 m².
  • 2 production control rooms.
  • Postproduction area.

Snell in the Technical rooms:

  • The technical room was designed in 2009. It had 48 racks, plus an additional 4 racks in the Multicopy room. This room was enlarged in 2012 to accommodate new projects. As a result, the room currently houses 104 racks for all the equipment in the centre's different areas.
  • The room’s core comprises two Snell Cygnus 576x576 video routers, ruled by an Aurora controller with redundancy and port expansion, which enables the commuting of routers through panels and automation.
  • The intercom system is a 144 port RTS Adam matrix. It includes a Tribus card, for communication with the matrix in Imagina II.
  • To cover beIN Sports needs, eight Snell MC2000-CT2 double-channel frequency and format converters with motion compensation were added, as most of the material for these channels comes from Europe or South America and needs to be converted while maintaining the highest quality.
  • There are 4KVM AvocenAMX5010 matrices for easy access to any machine or technical PC, with clients in every area.
  • The Ethernet network is managed by means of two Cisco Catalyst 6500 in VSS equipped with various access switches across the centre.
  • Another company in the group, Overon, is in charge of receiving, managing and sending the centre’s external signals. Traffic between Overon and the production centre enables the reception of 56 signals and the delivery of 24 redundant signals. Unitecnic has provided Overon with Snell cards for signal synchronisation and conversion, Tektronix equipment for monitoring and quality control, router access for signal routing and two outputs of the Miranda Kaleido-X monitoring system from the playout area.
  • With a capacity for 126 racks, the technical room is currently equipped with 62 racks.
  • The video matrix is a Snell Sirius 840, equipped to half its capacity, 288x288.
  • The intercom system also consists of an RTS Adam matrix , with 96 ports. It includes a Tribus card to communicate with the matrix in Imagina I.
  • It features 1 Avocent AMX5010 KVM matrix.

Snell Kahuna in Control rooms:

The 5 full HD control rooms in Imagina I and the 2 in Imagina II share the same technical structure and benefit from the standardization of equipment, giving versatility to the needs of customers, while the operation is facilitated and technical maintenance simplified.

  • Video monitoring for the control rooms in Imagina I is carried out by means of two interconnected Miranda Kaleido-X frames, feeding twelve LED screens located in the 5 control rooms. In Imagina II 1 Kaleido-X frame provides signal to 8 screens. Modular Kaleidos are also available for monitoring in the shading areas.
  • The infrastructure in Imagina I allows the simultaneous use of sixteen Grass Valley LDK3000s and 3 Sony HDC-1500, distributed in the 5 control rooms as needed, as well as 4 Autoscript teleprompter systems. There is a selection of Canon lenses and Vinten pedestals. Imagina II is equipped with 10 Grass Valley LDX 80 cameras, 2 Autoscript teleprompter systems, as well as Canon lenses and Vinten pedestals.
  • The studios are equipped with wireless intercom (BTR-800 Telex stations) and audio (UR4 byShure). They also feature IFBT4 by Lectrosonics. The studios’ lighting and Watchout were installed by independent companies contracted by Unitecnic.
  • Snell modular frames equipped with synchronizers, distributors and converters.

  • Snell Kahuna video mixers.

  • Audio controls with Yamaha PM5D or M7CL48 mixing desks. There are also DigiCartE audio servers by 360 Systems.

  • Avid AirSpeed servers integrated in the iNews Command automation system.

  • Grass Valley K2 Summit servers with Dyno replay system.

  • VizRT Engines (intergrated to iNews) graphics, controlled by Studio CG.

  • Control room 2 was designed to cover the needs of beIN Sport, which in August 2012 began broadcasting its two channels (one in English and the other one in Spanish), mostly devoted to European and South American football. This room includes two audio control rooms and their two audio booths. This way, commentary for a single game can be done in both languages simultaneously. At the same time, the second audio control was planned to work with a further four audio booths prepared for voicing-over games to be broadcast via web, and which reach the centre already produced.

With the same purpose, two extra audio booths were added to Control room 1, giving the client more possibilities, which can produce two different games in both languages simultaneously, thus broadcasting four games for the web.

Audio booths are equipped with Glensound Express Box commentator’s consoles.

Channel Maker for Playouts:

Nowadays there are 15 channels broadcasting their programming throughout the country from Imagina US. Alternatively, there are 5 other playouts installed for future customers.

  • All the playouts work with Wtvision’s ChannelMaker automation, which controls the playout, ingest and material search.
  • Channel Maker also communicates with the Aurora controller to control the router in automated processes. It enables the programming of GPIs for the regional disconnection of channels and to call different memories in the audio processors, with the purpose of controlling languages in a dual audio broadcasting.
  • The following channels are being broadcast:
  1. Pasiones Latam / Pasiones USA / ZooMoo: they work with the wTVision ChannelMaker-in-a-box system.
  2. Televisión Dominicana / Centroamérica TV Cinema Dinamita Latam / Cinema Dinamita USAthey work with Harris Nexio servers and Harris IconLogo logo inserters.
  3. 3 channels by beIN Sports / 3 channels byDirecTV / Hola TV Latam / Hola TV USA: they work with the Grass Valley K2 Summit Server system and its control application AppCenter. The master controls and channel branding are Miranda Imagestore 750, with iMC panels. These channels are almost completely redundant, with duplicates for every piece of equipment The Imagestore750 master controls are connected to two NV9000 controllers (main and redundant) for processing and video router control. Bein Sports channels and DirecTV use automated VizRT Engines graphics.
  • Playout chains are similar, with emergency switches in case of technical problems, Snell legalisers and TC Electronic DB8 audio processors. The similarity of their structure and sharing a single room lends flexibility to the operation’s organisation. The ingest and validation room, right next door to the former, also share space and operators.
  • They all share a Miranda Kaleido-X monitoring system with 336 inputs and outputs for 18 LED monitors.

AVID Video Post-production:

An Avid-based solution was implemented for the post-production department.

  • The format used is XDCAM50.
  • Four 32TB Isis 7000 plus two 64TB Isis 7500 were installed as central storage, with redundant connection and storage, managed by two System Directors (main and redundant).
  • The audiovisual content is managed by two Avid Interplays which store the database in a cluster, thus achieving the complete integration of the centre’s resources. The organisation is completed by two domain name servers.
  • Simultaneously, two Media Indexers name and record the exact location of the material within the storage units.
  • The network interconnecting the various elements in the system is composed of 2 Cisco 4500X and 4 Cisco 4948. All infrastructure is located in Imagina I, while in Imagina II there are some of the editing stations described below, capture and playout Airspeeds and one of the Transfer Engines, connected through a Cisco 4948.
  • Currently there are the following editing bays available in Imagina US:
  1. 11 Interplay Assists for material consultation, visualisation and organisation before editing.

  2. Media Composer, 19 Media Composer Nitris DX and 2 Media Composer Symphony Nitris DX for video editing.

  3. ProTools for audio editing.

  4. 13 iNews Instinct for audio, video and text editing from the newsroom (in collaboration with 80 iNews clients at the digital newsroom). 

  5. NewsCutter and 1 NewsCutter DX for news editing.

  • The system also includes 8 Avid AirSpeed, used as contens ingest servers and players for the control rooms. The video ingest is automated by 2 Interplay Capture. The players are automated by 4 iNews Command, along with the iNews system from the digital newsroom. There are a total 4 Capture clients and 6 Command clients.

  • The material imported and exported to the centre’s various servers is carried out through 4 Transfer Managers, which enable any content transfer to and from the HarrisWtvision and Grass Valley servers, and the MAM.

Pro Tools for Audio Post-production:

For audio post-production 4 Avid Pro Tools/HD were installed. They are integrated in the centre’s Avid system.

One of these has a basic configuration, with a Mbox I/O interface.

Another two are exactly the same, with a Pro Tools/HDX card working on HP Z800 Dual Six Core, and a D-Command 8 ES HDX console. They also are equipped with Media Composer Video Satellite, which reproduces and synchronizes video with the audio that is being worked on. The hardware for it includes another HP Z800 Dual Six Core, and a Mojo DX.

Finally another Pro Tools/HDX has been installed in Imagina II, with a C24 console, Media Composer Video Satellite and Mojo DX.

iNews Digital newsroom:

Along with the centre’s ISIS system, an iNews system has been installed, which enables editing and inserting the accompanying text in the audiovisual material for each production, and for making the programme’s rundowns. It includes two iNews servers under the control of an iNews Console PC. An iNews Data Receiver gets the news from the main news agencies from around the world. The text for the 6 teleprompters can also be edited there. The rest of the system is made up of 80 iNews clients, 22 of them in Imagina II.

Viz One MAM:

One of beIN Sports’s basic needs was the installation of a MAM for archiving and managing the audiovisual material generated. Viz One was the chosen solution to cover that need. The library is a HP ESL G3, with 2 drives for 3 TB LTO5 tapes.  At the moment there are 300 tapes.

Wtvision developed plug-ins for the full integration of the system with the Channel Maker automation which, connected to VizRT VME, enables access to the library’s contents.

The content collected is transferred to the Grass Valley K2 servers for reviewing and subsequent broadcasting.

The K2 material ingested via video or transferred from Avid can be manually exported to VME.

The content can be manually transferred from the Avid editing system to VME, and later it can be manually or automatically exported.

The Viz Pre Cut application, installed in Media Composer, enables cutting content directly from MAM.

At the same time it has also been installed another Viz One MAM system for Hola TV, including an HP MSL8048 Tape Library Package with 48 tapes and two drives.




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