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Presentacion del proyecto: 

This project involved the installation of audiovisual and interactive systems for the new museum of AC Milan football club, in the building owned by the club known as Casa Milan, Via Aldo Rossi, 6-8, Milan.
The different areas include 20 interactivity points, LED monitors with cyclic or interactive contents, a 4m2 LED display combined with projections, a multi-touch interactive table and a radio frequency identification system that allows visitors to experience a completely personalized tour. All managed by a fully automated control system that can handle the different elements of the museum in a simple and reliable manner.

Solución desarrollada por Unitecnic: 

The infrastructure, governed by an automated CRESTON control system, is ready to work for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, although the museum is only open for 9 hours a day from Monday to Sunday.

The facility is divided into 5 different areas and integrates latest generation equipment and digital technology:

Istogrammi zone:

This area includes three installations differentiated by the technology used:
  • Storicci – Timeline with cyclic replays and ultra-directional audio
This installation consists of a linear journey through the history of AC Milan. Different stripes placed from ceiling to floor list the highlights of each year in the life of the club. For important events a 27" LED display is incorporated, with cyclical reproduction of images. The contents are provided by a BrightSign HD220 for each monitor, and the corresponding audio is played through an ultra-directional speaker that allows listening only when the visitor is in front of the monitor.
  •  Elicottero - Reproducing the moment of arrival of Berlusconi to ACMilan
Installation of two 47" LED monitors and a sound system that show the arrival of the historic president Silvio Berlusconi to San Siro when he bought the club. This space is dominated by a spectacular 1:1 replica of the helicopter in which he landed that day made out of wire.
  • Interattivi – Interactive monitors with radiofrequency identification
Installation of six 55" LED monitors with multi-touch frameworks that incorporate an interactive application which allow viewing hundreds of images and videos of the club's history. Thanks to the radio frequency identification (RFID) system, and after registration on Google+™ made at the reception of the museum, visitors are allowed to vote for their favorite events and receive an email with the media of their choice when the visit finishes. 

Sala Coppe – 4m2 LED screen combined with projections and audio:

This area consists of a spectacular 2.5 meters replica of the cup of the Champions League, along with several showcases with cups won by the club. In this area a 4m2 LED display is incorporated, which in combination with 5 ultra-short distance projectors and a sound system allows the visitor to relive the best moments of the club in an exciting audiovisual production.

Guestbook zone – Multiple small format screens with user interaction:

This area consists of a mural with 42 screens from 10 to 21 inches, connected to BrightSign XD230 media players, which are used for displaying, through the RFID system, Google+™ profile pictures of the visitor who wishes it, and including them in a mosaic of photographs that form images of the players or the most important heads of the club.

Galleria dei Campioni – Interactive monitors with radiofrequency identification:

This area consists of eight 55" LED interactive monitors, hidden and placed behind glass, showing the portraits of the most important players of the club. Through a tactile vinyl the visitor can interact with the contents and watch videos, photos and statistics. In addition, each visitor can vote for their favorite players through the RFID system, allowing to establish a ranking that is displayed in the museum’s entrance.

Google zone:

Thisarea consists of two relatedinstallations:
  • Google Wall – Mural projection
This setup comprises two PANASONIC projectors, with ultra-short distance lenses, that show real time comments concerning the club that are published through the social network Google+™, and the amount and location of these within the world map.
  • Google Table – 2x3 multi-touch table
This installation consists of six 47" monitors, which thanks to the interaction through a capacitive tactile vinyl show visitors information and the most important milestones of the foundation that has the same name as the club in a world map.
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