Real Madrid TV. MADRID.

Presentacion del proyecto: 

Throughout the first half of 2015 Unitecnic was responsible for the complete upgrade to HD quality of the Real Madrid TV facilities at its headquarters in Ciudad de la Imagen, Madrid. This project was developed in two phases. In the first phase, their two playout chains were adapted (one chain is in Spanish and the other in English, to broadcast outside of Spain). In the second phase the digital newsroom, postproduction and the studio were upgraded. All these changes were performed without interfering in the channel’s emissions.

Solución desarrollada por Unitecnic: 

Real Madrid TV’s headquarters comprise an HD studio, an Avid news editing system and two fully redundant playouts. It is connected via optical fiber with two service providers from the Mediapro group, Overon and Mediatem, whereby the input and output signals are managed. At the same time, it has connections with Real Madrid’s training center in Valdebebas, from where interviews and news are received, with regard to both the first team and the youth team, and with the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, from where live productions are received on match days, and where sports and institutional programs are also produced. At the Bernabéu there is also the possibility of using the stadium as a studio.

Snell Kahuna in the Studio:

The 400m² studio, with three differentiated sets, has its associated HD control room. They include the following:

  • 6 Panasonic AK-HC3500A camera chains, with Canon HD lenses. Five of them on Vinten pedestals, and the sixth on a seven meters Jimmy Jib Triangle crane. One of the cameras is equipped with an Autoscript teleprompter system.
  • 2 Avid Airspeed 5000 video servers. They are integrated with the digital newsroom system, and controlled from the iNews Command software for automated playout. Each server has two playout channels.
  • 1 six-channel K2 Summit 3G video server. It holds 12 x 600GB storage drives, and includes a K2-Dyno remote control for replays.
  • 1 dual channel Viz Trio character generator. Integrated with the center’s Viz graphical system. There is also a Viz Artist available, for full screen animated graphics.
  • Snell glue.
  • 1 Snell Sirius 620 3G/HD-SDI video router, equipped with 96 inputs and 96 outputs, expandable up to 128x128 for future upgrades. This router is dedicated to the production area, and includes 10 tielines to the router in the playout area.
  • 1 Snell Kahuna Flare 3M/E video mixer, with 48 inputs and 24 outputs, 3 3D DVE channels, internal clipstore, and color correction. Includes the Format Fusion option, allowing the mixing of SD and HD signals, and producing a final HD signal.
  • 1 Yamaha CL5 audio mixer, with 72 mono mixing channels and 8 stereo channels. Includes a delay unit.
  • 8 wireless microphone systems by Sennheiser – EM 3732-2 receivers. SK 5212-2 super mini belt pack transmitters. ME 5005 condenser super-cardioid capsules.
  • 2 Telex dual channel RTS SIP ISDN codecs.
  • 1 recording and playout digital audio system Carrillon AC1.

Avid digital newsroom and video postproduction:

Real Madrid TV has a fully digitized newsroom with HD capability, based on the AVID iNEWS system. This system is the leading solution in the audiovisual market for dynamic newsroom environments, as it allows a continuous workflow from the news creation to their playout on the studio. The core of the AVID iNEWS system is complemented by AVID ISIS online storage, the AVID INTERPLAY PAM environment, the AVID MEDIACENTRAL web publishing tool, and AVID NEWSCUTTER high resolution edit stations integrated with Inews. The working file format is XDCAM50.

  • Avid iNews: It has 34 client licenses, shared with the MEDIACENTRAL web publishing tool.
  • Avid Isis online storage: There are three ISIS 7500 frames with a total of 96 TB of online storage. This system is scalable to up to 12 frames and 384 TB. The storage filesystem is controlled by the AVID SYSTEM DIRECTOR servers.
  • Avid Interplay PAM: All contents from the AVID news system is contained in a framework managed by AVID INTERPLAY ENGINE. Herein lies the database of all the contents. The organization is completed with two INTERPLAY LOOKUP servers.
  • Ingest servers: It is possible to ingest up to 4 simultaneous HD video signals in the ISIS 7500 online storage. To this end, there is an AVID AIRSPEED 5000 server with 4 channels configured as inputs, and with 10TB capacity in RAID 5. Video ingests in this AIRSPEED are governed by AVID INTERPLAY CAPTURE servers.
  • Playout servers: There are 2 two-channel AIRSPEED 5000 servers configured as outputs, resulting into a total of 4 playout channels routed to the video and audio mixers and to the studio monitoring. Video playouts in this AIRSPEED are governed by AVID INEWS COMMAND servers.
  • Editing tools: Real Madrid TV has, within the Avid newsroom environment, three types of editing tools - AVID MEDIACENTRAL, AVID NEWSCUTTER and AVID MEDIACOMPOSER NITRIS DX.
  1. 2 MEDIACENTRAL servers have been installed, the AVID web editing tool. It includes 12 CENTRAL ADVANCE and 22 CENTRAL BASE licenses.
  2. There are 4 AVID NEWSCUTTER stations, the advanced video editing Avid tool designed for newsroom environments. Integrated with Viz Pilot.
  3. There are also 4 independent high capacity editing rooms, equipped with the AVID MEDIACOMPOSER NITRIS DX advanced editing system.
  • In order to unify file formats there is a TELESTREAM VANTAGE transcoder integrated with AVID INTERPLAY.

VIZ ONE, Media Asset Manager (MAM):

Real Madrid TV has a media file management (MAM) system which covers all the needs of all users relating media management.

VIZ ONE is fully integrated with the AVID INTERPLAY PAM system for reciprocal contents retrieval.

The deep archive consists of 5 ISILON NL 400 144TB (raw) disk cabins in cluster mode, making a total of 519TB (net).

Additionally, a twin deep file system has been implemented, also with 519 TB, in the Valdebebas site, in order to have a disaster recovery system. This ISILON system is connected to the site of Ciudad de la Imagen through the club’s macrolan, and the MAM will be responsible for the overnight new media replication.

VIZ ONE includes the following applications:

  • VIZ ONE STUDIO – VIZ ONE’s graphical interface. Used by all newsroom environment users, both by documentalists and editors.
  • VIZ ONE LOGGER – it is the documentalists’ main tool.  It allows to add metadata to the media, localizers, markers, and to segment the dirty media.
  • VIZ ONE DART – it allows to ingest video signals straight into the MAM. To this end there is a GRASS VALLEY K2 SUMMIT 3G PRODUCTION video server with four bidirectional channels.

VIZ ONE is fully integrated with the channel’s traffic system, CREATV by VSN.

VSN in the playout area:

MULTICOM by VSN is the automation system which rules both playouts in the center. The system’s architecture is the following:

  • 2 servers, Mcon1 and Mcon2, in Parallel Switch configuration (one for main chains and the other for backup chains), allow the control and automation of the rundowns through the VSN MULTICON PLAY software.
  • One MconRec server supports the VSN MULTICOM REC REMOTE software for the control and automation of the playout servers’ recording channels.
  • One VSNCreaTV server with VSN MULTICOM SCHEDULER software allows to prepare offline rundowns for its posterior loading in the Mcon1 and Mcon2 servers. VSNCreaTV is also the web program planning and traffic platform by VSN. It allows the management of workflows for advertising, production and emission departments.

Regarding the playout chains, they comprise the following elements:

  • 2 K2 Summit Transmission Servers, configured as 1 in and 3 out. One for the main chains and the other for backups.  They have 16TB of storage in RAID1.
  • 2 Evertz 7700R2 HD Changeovers with manual GPI control through an emergency button. One for the Spanish playout chain and the other for English.
  • 2 Evertz 7825DSK2 HD emission Keyers/Inserters.
  • VizRT Multichannel for Channel Branding.
  • 2 Snell IQUDC10 signal processors/normalizers with frame sync.
  • 2 automatic Snell ECO IQHCO31 changeovers.
  • For signal routing between the different elements within the playout area there is a Snell Vega video router, equipped with 72 HD/SDI ins and 72 outs. It is also in change of receiving the HD/SD external signals as well as distributing signals to third parties.
  • In the event of total disaster in the playout chain, there are 2 Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio2 hard drives which play emergency footage in loop.
  • For subtitling there is an off-line and a live system, by SCREEN. Both of them run on redundant U4000, which insert the adequate subtitling at any moment in the DVB signal, in an automated procedure through VSN Multicom. The system also allows to use more than a language by means of Screen Subtitling SSConvert software.
  • The playout is completed with a CREATECNA legal copy system, comprising 4 Fujitsu independent 4 TB servers.

Technical Room:

In the technical room there are 17 racks housing most of the described equipment. Besides they include the following elements shared between the different areas:

  • VIZ GRAPHIC HUB – The global graphic system by VIZRT has a centralized database, accessible from all areas and subsystems, like NRCS, postproduction, studio and channel branding. It comprises two Graphic Hubs in a fail-over cluster configuration.
  • Snell IQ modular equipment – There are 7 IQH3B-S-P 3U frames. They house the necessary modular cards for signal adjustment and conversion.
  • HD/SD monitoring system – EVERTZ MVP multiviewer system in an 80x8 configuration. Up to 1920x1200 resolution, including 1080p.
  • RTS/TELEX Cronus Intercom matrix – Equipped with 32 ports, expandable to 128.
  • Tektronix SPG8000 - Clock, sync and test signal generation system.
  • KVM matrix - Guntermann&Drunk with 64 ports.
  • Networking infrastructure – based on two Cisco Catalyst 4500 connected via HSRP protocol. Several Catalyst 4948E distribute the net throughout the center.
  • Full technical control position – It includes, among other control and monitoring elements, a Harris VTM-2400 HD/SD rasterizer and a Blackmagic HDL-AUDMON1RU audio monitor.



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